I am the president and founder of “View from the top”. Every year twice a year we have a mastermind meet up here in Nashville Tennessee. We had the distinct privilege of having Kim Deardorff present to our members and what an amazing speech and testimony it was. I don’t believe there was a dry eye in the house. What an incredible speaker and what a fantastic man.~ Aaron Walker

The NASCAR Nationwide community had the privilege to hear Kim share his life story at the Nashville Super Speedway. Kim joined us for the Motor Racing Outreach chapel service and he did an exceptional job.  He captured our attention from the time that he began to speak and we were challenged and encouraged by hearing about the hand of God at work in his life. Our community was touched by his authentic and genuine attitude. Kim’s story is riveting and powerful and I would highly recommend him.
Lonnie Clouse (Lead chaplain with MRO to the NASCAR Nationwide Series

Kim Deardorff’s life story and music are both inspiring and challenging to those of us at Holt International.  The account of his journey from being an abandoned child in Korea to a fulfilled adult and successful musician in Nashville, TN, today, truly touched my heart and moved all of us at Holt.

As the agency that placed Kim with his adoptive family, we were also challenged with the immense responsibility we carry in uniting children with appropriate permanent families. Kim endured hardships in his adoption, but with God’s love and the help of people God provided, Kim’s life has become a beacon of hope. Kim’s music resounds with a richness and peace that testifies to the power and depth of God’s grace.
Gary N. Gamer
President and CEO, Holt International Children’s Services

What a great privilege it was to have Kim Deardorff share his music and inspiring story at our recent weekend camp for teen adoptees.  Despite the many obstacles Kim has had to overcome, he brings an enthusiasm for life that is contagious and truly refreshing.   His faith in a loving and merciful God is strong, and he shares from a thankful heart.

Chosen is an educational ministry for teen adoptees, including those privately adopted as infants, those adopted from the U.S. foster care system at older ages, and international adoptees, as well.   Many of them come to their adoptive families greatly wounded by the wrong choices of others.  Our “camp motto” was the Ella Fitzgerald quote, “It doesn’t matter where you come from, it’s where you’re going that counts”, and Kim is a living example of that.    His story, and his decision to trust and follow after the God who saved him, has great creditability with those who struggle with their own feelings of abandonment, shame and rejection.
Cynthia Bigelow
Executive Director / Chosen International

Kim Deardorff is not just another tremendously gifted musician. Although he is that, he is an anointed man of God. Through the difficulties in his life: the garbage dump he was found in as a baby, the abusive adoptive home, and the lonely times, he has chosen to give God praise and glory. His testimony is not only captivating, but also gripping and heart-wrenching. He takes the music of the church, the touch of the Master’s hand and weaves an extra-ordinary truth of God’s love, grace, forgiveness, and mercy into a beautiful experience that even the “young” ones can enjoy.
Dan McDonald
Magnification and Missions Pastor – Indianapolis Baptist Temple

“ Kim Deardorff was the keynote speaker at our annual fundraising banquet for our local crisis pregnancy center this year.  His story and music that he shared with us were a wonderful reminder that each human life, no matter how tragically it begins, is a precious gift from God. Kim loves the Lord with all his heart. He is constantly looking for ways to encourage, motivate and give hope to others by sharing his amazing on-going journey as he follows the Lord’s call on his life.”
Connie King


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